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Collect real-time search results, and monitor your brand or product mentions - SpaceSerp system will help you gather results from any location and device. System powered by cutting-edge AI models.

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Powerful SERP Data API

SpaceSerp is a powerful API that delivers unmatched versatility, performance, and flexibility.

Any Result format

SpaceSerp can fetch and transform timely and reliable search results data into structured data.

Supported result formats: JSON, CSV, or HTML

Any Location

SpaceSerp provide search results with worldwide geotargeting.

SERP API supports more than 100k locations, so you can target your requests with high precision.

Device type management

SpaceSerp emulates Desktop, Table, or Mobile browsers for SERP data scraping. Also, you can choose an operating system to increase search targeting.

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Complete page content parsing.

With SpaceSerp you can turn raw Search Engine Result Pages into business valuable data.

Organic Results
Ads Results
Video Voyager
Shop Results
News Results
Knowledge Graph
Answerbox Results
Local Results
Organic Results


With SpaceSerp you'll get public SERP data with confidence.

Automation tasks
Powerful Playground
Intuitive API
Usage Analytics
Organic results

Perform large searches volume

Don't worry about routine monitoring - they provide flexible automation, so you'll just plan the schedule you need.

The goal is for you to outsource this process so you'll eventually just get structured results. Automation helps to save a lot of time and does not require programming knowledge.

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